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JSP - Java Server Pages , Second Edition

Publisher : O'Reilly - By Hans Bergsten

JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology provides an easy way to create dynamic web pages. JSP uses a component-based approach that allows web developers to easily combine static HTML for look-and-feel with Java components for dynamic features. The simplicity of this component-based model, combined with the cross-platform power of Java, allows a web development environment with enormous potential.

JavaServer Pages shows how to develop Java-based web applications without having to be a hardcore programmer. The author provides an overview of JSP concepts and discusses how JSP fits into the larger picture of web applications. Web page authors will benefit from the chapters on generating dynamic content, handling session information, accessing databases, authenticating users, and personalizing content. In the programming-oriented chapters, Java programmers learn how to create Java components and custom JSP tags for web authors to use in JSP pages.

Table of Content

Part I: JSP Application Basics

Chapter 1: Introducing JavaServer Pages Chapter 2: HTTP and Servlet Basics Chapter 3: JSP Overview
Chapter 4: Setting Up the JSP Environment    

Part II: JSP Application Development

Chapter 5: Generating Dynamic Content Chapter 6: Using Scripting Elements Chapter 7: Error Handling and Debugging
Chapter 8: Sharing Data Between JSP Pages, Requests, and Users Chapter 9: Database Access Chapter 10: Authentication and Personalization
Chapter 11: Internationalization Chapter 12: Bits and Pieces  

Part III: JSP in J2EE and JSP Component Development

Chapter 13: Web Application Models Chapter 14: Combining Servlets and JSP Chapter 15: Developing JavaBeans for JSP
Chapter 16: Developing JSP Custom Actions Chapter 17: Developing Database Access Components  

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Java Performance Tuning

Publisher : O'Reilly - By Jack Shirazi

Java Peformance Tuning, 2nd edition provides a comprehensive and indispensable guide to eliminating all types of performance problems. Using many real-life examples to work through the tuning process in detail, JPT shows how tricks such as minimizing object creation and replacing strings with arrays can really pay off in improving your code's performance. Tuning J2EE applications bears many similarities to tuning J2SE apps, but important and specific considerations apply. For this reason, Java Performance Tuning, Second Edition includes four new chapters: a new chapter on J2EE application tuning in general followed by chapters on tuning JDBC, servlets and JSPs, and EJBs.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Profiling Tools Chapter 3: Underlying JDK Improvements
Chapter 4: Object Creation Chapter 5: Strings Chapter 6: Exceptions, Assertions, Casts, and Variables
Chapter 7: Loops, Switches, and Recursion Chapter 8: I/O, Logging, and Console Output Chapter 9: Sorting
Chapter 10: Threading Chapter 11: Appropriate Data Structures and Algorithms Chapter 12: Distributed Computing
Chapter 13: When to Optimize Chapter 14: Underlying Operating System and Network Improvements Chapter 15: J2EE Performance Tuning
Chapter 16: Tuning JDBC Chapter 17: Tuning Servlets and JSPs Chapter 18: Tuning EJBs
Chapter 19: Further Resources    

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Java Swing

Publisher : O'Reilly By Robert Eckstein, Marc Loy, Dave Wood

The Swing classes eliminate Java's biggest weakness: its relatively primitive user interface toolkit. Java Swing helps you to take full advantage of the Swing classes, providing detailed descriptions of every class and interface in the key Swing packages. It shows you how to use all of the new components, allowing you to build state-of-the-art user interfaces and giving you the context you need to understand what you're doing. It's more than documentation; Java Swing helps you develop code quickly and effectively.

Table of Content

Chapter 1. Introducing Swing Chapter 2. Jump Starting a Swing Application Chapter 3. Swing Component Basics
Chapter 4. Labels and Icons Chapter 5. Buttons Chapter 6. Bounded Range Components
Chapter 7. Lists and Combo Boxes Chapter 8. Swing Containers Chapter 9. Internal Frames
Chapter 10. Swing Dialogs Chapter 11. Specialty Panes and Layout Managers Chapter 12. Chooser Dialogs
Chapter 13. Borders Chapter 14. Menus and Toolbars Chapter 15. Tables
Chapter 16. Advanced Table Examples Chapter 17. Trees Chapter 18. Undo
Chapter 19. Text 101 Chapter 20. Document Model and Events Chapter 21. Styled Documents and JTextPane
Chapter 22. Carets, Highlighters, and Keymaps Chapter 23. Text Views Chapter 24. EditorKits and TextActions
Chapter 25. Programming with Accessibility Chapter 26. Look & Feel Chapter 27. Swing Utilities
Chapter 28. Swing Under the Hood    

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