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Windows XP Annoyances

Publisher : O'Reilly - By David A. Karp

O'Reilly's popular series for troubleshooting Windows comes to the rescue with Windows XP Annoyances.

This book is not designed to complain or criticize, but to acknowledge the problems and shortcomings of the operating system in order to overcome them.

Complete with a collection of tools and techniques, this book allows users to improve their experience with Windows XP and establish control of the machine--rather than the other way around.

Table of Content

Part I: JSP Application Basics

Chapter 1: Making the Most of Windows XP Chapter 2: Basic Explorer Coping Skills Chapter 3: The Registry
Chapter 4: Tinkering Techniques Chapter 5: Maximizing Performance Chapter 6: Troubleshooting
Chapter 7: Networking and Internetworking Chapter 8: User Accounts and Administration Chapter 9: Scripting and Automation
Chapter 10: Installing Windows XP    

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Windows Vista for Starters: The Missing Manual

Publisher : O'Reilly - By David Pogue (385-page)

Fast-paced and easy to use, this concise book teaches you the basics of Windows Vista so you can start using this operating system right away. Written by "New York Times" columnist, bestselling author, Emmy-winning CBS News correspondent and Missing Manuals creator David Pogue, the book will help you:

  • Navigate the desktop, including the fast, powerful and fully integrated desktop search function
  • Use the Media Center to record TV and radio, present photos, play music, and record all of these to a DVD
  • Breeze across the Web with the vastly improved Internet Explorer 7 tabbed browser
  • Become familiar with Vista's beefed up security, and much more

Windows Vista is a vast improvement over its predecessors, with an appealing, glass-like visual overhaul, superior searching and organization tools, a multimedia and collaboration suite, and a massive, top-to-bottom security-shield reconstruction. Every corner of the traditional Windows operating system has been tweaked, overhauled, or replaced entirely.

Aimed at new and experienced computer users alike, Windows Vista for Starters: The Missing Manual is right there when you need it. This jargon-free book explains Vista's features quickly and clearly -- revealing which work well and which don't.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Welcome Center, Desktop, and the Start Menu Chapter 2: Explorer, Windows, and the Taskbar Chapter 3: Searching and Organizing Your Files
Chapter 4: Interior Decorating Vista Chapter 5: Getting Help Chapter 6: Programs, Documents, and Gadgets
Chapter 7: The Freebie Software Chapter 8: The Control Panel Chapter 9: Hooking Up to the Internet
Chapter 10: Internet Security Chapter 11: Internet Explorer 7 Chapter 12: Windows Mail
Chapter 13: Windows Photo Gallery Chapter 14: Windows Media Player Chapter 15: Movie Maker and DVD Maker
Chapter 16: Media Center Chapter 17: Fax, Print, and Scan Chapter 18: Hardware
Chapter 19: Laptops, Tablets, and Palmtops Chapter 20: Maintenance and Speed Tweaks Chapter 21: The Disk Chapter
Chapter 22: Backups and Troubleshooting Chapter 23: Accounts (and Logging On) Chapter 24: Setting Up a Workgroup Network
Chapter 25: Network Domains Chapter 26: Network Sharing and Collaboration Chapter 27: Vista by Remote Control

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Mastering Windows Server 2003

Publisher : by Mark Minasi (Author), Christa Anderson (Author), Michele Beverridge (Author), C. A. Callahan (Author), Lisa Justice (Author)

The Only Windows Server Resource You Need

The single most comprehensive and understandable book on the subject, Mastering Windows Server 2003 continues author Mark Minasi's award-winning tradition of clear and comprehensive coverage of Microsoft's Windows Server products. This book shows you how to plan, configure and install your network, keep it running its best, and fix it if it breaks. And you still get all the coverage you need for the Windows 2000 Server installations that remain part of your environment.

Coverage includes:
* Configuring IP, DHCP, DNS, and WINS to achieve the right foundation for your network
* DNS explained in everyday English, from basics to advanced design
* Designing, running, and maintaining Active Directory-based domains with Server 2003 and 2000 Server
* Running your own Web, FTP, and e-mail server with 2003
* Controlling hundreds, even thousands, of workstations with group policies and security templates
* Tuning and monitoring your network
* Securing your network from split-brain DNS to AD delegation to group policies, logs, IPSec, PKI and more
* Using Windows Server 2003 to share Internet connections
* Complete coverage of all new 2003 features

Real Solutions to Real Challenges
If improving the real-world performance of your network is the bottom line, this book delivers the goods. It shows you how to design and manage a multiple-platform network, build a Windows-based intranet, find the right data backup strategy, prevent and recover from disasters, and much more. There's no end to what you'll accomplish with practical, step-by-step instruction from the expert who has actually done it all on live networks!

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